“Without a doubt, businesses in regions of Baja that are driven by tourism NEED affordable, professional digital marketing services.”

–Jessica Brown, founder, Discover Baja Marketing

Jessica Brown
Founder Jessica Brown

Many Baja businesses revolve around tourism, which is why even the smallest Baja companies need an online presence.

Today’s traveler does an extensive amount of research online before traveling to a new region. They look at photos, read reviews and discover places they want to try–all before they set foot in a new country.

Simply having your business online and interacting with others on social media networks can improve your visibility to potential clients in a major way.

Discover Baja Marketing specializes in blogging and social media marketing for small businesses in Baja California.

Founder Jessica Brown holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, both from San Diego State University.  Her areas of expertise include the service and hospitality industry, tourism and the destination wedding industry.  She is fluent in written and spoken English and Spanish.

Baja Highway 1
Jessica and her brother Josh on Hwy 1 in Baja Sur

Jessica fell in love with the Mexican culture after moving to San Diego in 2004. She hopes promoting the many expert Baja businesses and all they have to offer will encourage others to visit the region.

Jessica travels frequently to the northern and southern Baja states. What she loves most about visiting Mexico are the welcoming people and beautiful landscapes.